Monday, December 6, 2010

Admit it.

Curiously strong thoughts
Swim like eels
Electrifying my ambition
Leaving my goals to float

Like dead fish

I'll feed them flakes
But it takes

Days, weeks, months, years
To revive them
Climb them

Ladders to my brain

Reach inside, and rip them out
prove me not insane


I'm on the road
Not really "on the road"
But I'm on my road
My road to see her

It's been 3 weeks
2 weeks of I miss you's
2 weeks of I need you here's

1 week of death.

1 week of missing i miss you's
1 week of neglecting i need you here's

What happened;
A glitch.

This isn't supposed to end now
And it is most definitely not supposed to end like this

Tonight make your way back in
Tonight seal yourself beneath my skin

Monday, April 12, 2010

My War.

This sea is sinking

Where the water once was at my knees
Is nothing but sand and sunken ships
Ships which have been destroyed
Not by loosened but extremely tightened lips
Its sails for the last time, see the setting sun
Its rudder for the first, wait on commands that never come

My war;
is fought with thumbs

My war;
is a righteous one

My war;
is 10 years old

My war;
is solid gold

The sea is now beneath my toes
Begging me to let it go
Lost cities and treasures it begins to throw
At my arms and legs to help them grow

I cant let it happen, this cannot be
My sea needs to rage and breathe at home with me
But as i watch it retreat from beneath my feet and shadow
I feel my eyes and skin fall
In love with the gravel

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blogspot poser.

Yes. The title is true. I started this and totally abandoned following through with any sort of consistency. I'm sure there is maybe 4 people that look at this thing anyway. Alas i still feel like I have flaked out here, so here is a poem i wrote last week when my mind was gone.


All i see is death

It's all i smell
It's what i taste

I feel it scraping in my bones when it's taking shape

My eyes they sleep and waste the days
Like Knots in my stomach they never stray

It's time

lay my body on a cold steel bed
Awaiting my sins and words to be read

Out loud, inside
My lips and fingertips coincide
Long before, Ive seen this place
A life of apathy, lies, love, hate and haste
I always lose
There is nothing left
Just the thought of her face when i lost my breath

Thursday, February 4, 2010

entry numero un

Blogs huh? .. this is my first, a little late i admit. It's probably been a decade or more since they've been introduced to us in this form. But if you look at it in the grand scale of things I've been "blogging" my entire life... Anyway, I would like to dedicate this blog my first to 4 people. 2 of which are extremely close to me, my roommates broot and dc, who have no idea I'm in the room next to them high as shit on acid at 4 in the morning doing this. One is a new friend who is likely one of the main reasons this blog was even started. Also jes i would like to apologize for using the same background as you its lame i know but it was the only one i liked. And last but most defiantly not least one who isn't a person at all, my kitten Bruce whom Ive had a mad bro down with tonight and feel he should be credited.

Here's a poem i wrote tonight/this morning. I'm a bit hesitant posting it for it will be the first time i let anything like this of mine public with the exception of song. I hope you like it.

She's my ship tonight
Steering me to music i can taste in my mouth
I can feel it swimming through my teeth
Crashing over my gum's and writing verses on my tongue
The sounds in the street meet with the music in my chest
Together they suck the sorrow from its depths

I feel alive. I feel my blood move