Monday, April 12, 2010

My War.

This sea is sinking

Where the water once was at my knees
Is nothing but sand and sunken ships
Ships which have been destroyed
Not by loosened but extremely tightened lips
Its sails for the last time, see the setting sun
Its rudder for the first, wait on commands that never come

My war;
is fought with thumbs

My war;
is a righteous one

My war;
is 10 years old

My war;
is solid gold

The sea is now beneath my toes
Begging me to let it go
Lost cities and treasures it begins to throw
At my arms and legs to help them grow

I cant let it happen, this cannot be
My sea needs to rage and breathe at home with me
But as i watch it retreat from beneath my feet and shadow
I feel my eyes and skin fall
In love with the gravel

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